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Join Us in Solving the Veteran Underemployment Crisis - Hire Exceptional Veteran Talent

Engage with our skilled Veterans, who are driven from the start, and obtain the best tech talent, with partnership models that align cost to success & collaboration.

EagleCorps has partnered with

Partner with us to attract outstanding talent, fueling prosperity for your company and community.


Premiere Veteran Tech Talent

Unleashing the power of military precision in tech innovation, where each Veteran is a catalyst for transformation.

Performance Based Cost-Model

Invest in top-tier Veteran talent, where your costs align directly with measurable, predictable outcomes

Customized Skill Development

A commitment to crafting tech expertise that resonates with your unique business DNA, fostering growth and driving industry leadership

Ongoing Support

A pledge to enduring partnership, offering not just talent but a continuum of support and insight, propelling your business forward.

Risk Reduction

Our low-risk Veteran talent program anchors your projects firmly in the realm of success and stability.

Remote and In-Person Talent

Bridging distances with exceptional talent, our Veterans are equipped to integrate seamlessly into your team, wherever they are

About EagleCorps and its Curriculum

At EagleCorps, we're not just developing tech talent; we're sculpting the future leaders of the industry. Our comprehensive programs are designed to harness the discipline and strategic thinking of our Veteran learners, refining these traits into technical prowess and innovative problem-solving skills.

Our curriculum goes beyond the conventional, employing a military-grade pedagogical approach intertwined with a rigorous soft-skills training segment. This dual-track ensures our graduates don't just match your expectations; they exceed them both technically and culturally. 


Recruit, Train, Deploy

Our Recruit-Train-Deploy (RTD) model is a strategic approach to your talent acquisition. We focus on recruiting potential-rich individuals, equipping them with customized training specific to your needs, and seamlessly integrating them into your projects. 

The RTD Advantage:

  • Premiere Tailored Veteran Talent: Get professionals trained in your specific technological and business needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduce hiring risks and training costs with a model designed for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Reduced Onboarding Time: Your made-to-measure talent comes ready to make an impact on day one.  
  • Continuous Support: Benefit from ongoing support and skill enhancement, keeping your team and our partnership up-to-date.

Contract to Hire

Our traditional contract-to-hire model, enhanced by our trained graduates, enables elite tech talent to join your organization and contribute on day one. 

The Placement to Hire Advantage:

  • Premiere Veteran Talent: Benefit from driven professionals who bring proven skills and immediate value to your projects.
  • Seamless Integration: Our graduates' comprehensive training ensures they meld into your team and company culture effortlessly.
  • Immediate Deployment: Engage with talent that's equipped to start immediately and willing to relocate. 
  • Ongoing Partnership: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our continued support, ensuring your team and projects thrive.

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